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Preloading Record Dashboard

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The Preloading Record Dashboard Analytics-campaign.png contains data about numbers that were removed from one or more Call Lists.

Preloading records can contain data associated with one or more of the following fields:

Field Type Description
blockingRuleName keyword The name of the CME object that stores the blocking rule. For example, the name of the suppression list (TA), Compliance Rule (Script).
blockingRuleType keyword The type of blocking rule. For example, Suppression List, Device Filter, Compliance Rule.
blockingRuleSubType keyword The sub-type of blocking rule. For example, Mandatory Suppression List, Optional Suppression List, Custom Rule, Attempt Rule, Location Rule, Contact Times, Contact Dates.
ccid keyword The Contact Center ID.
campaignName keyword The Campaign name.
campaignID keyword The Campaign database ID.
campaignGroupName keyword The Campaign Group name.
campaignGroupID keyword The Campaign Group database ID.
campaignTemplateName keyword The Campaign template.
campaignTemplateID keyword The Campaign template database ID.
groupName keyword The Agent Group name.
groupID keyword The Agent Group database ID.
listName keyword The Calling list name.
listid integer The Calling List database ID.
@timestamp date The timestamp of when the Elasticsearch index was submitted.
id Keyword Elasticsearch index ID.
recordID integer The Record ID in the Calling List database table.
clientID integer The Client ID in the Specification file that is shown in the Input file.
chain_id integer The Contact ID in the database table.
chain_n integer The device number in the contact/chain.
contact_info keyword The contact's phone number.
contact_info_type keyword The ContactType common library enum (GctiContactType) that is based on the cd_device_index.
recordType keyword The type of chain (enum is GctiRecordType).
recordStatus keyword The location of the record in the State machine (enum is GctiRecordType). The default is Ready.
deviceCountryCode integer The country code for the phone number.
deviceAreaCode integer The area code for the phone number.
deviceStateCode integer The state code for the phone number.
deviceTimezone integer The timezone for the detected device.
deviceMask integer An integer number that contains the bit mask.
postalCode integer The postal code read from the Input file.
disposition keyword The reason for suppressing the device. For example, device mask, name of suppression list, name of location rule, and so on.
reason keyword A description of why the device was suppressed.
customFields keyword N/A
tiimestamp_iso8601 integer The ISO index timestamp format.

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