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Contact History Record Dashboard

The content of this document has been moved and is no longer being updated in this location.
For the latest content and most recent updates, see the CX Contact Help on the Genesys Multicloud site.

The Contact History Record Dashboard Analytics-contact.png contains statistical and contact data about the last call attempt to a specific contact associated with a calling list in a specific campaign group session.

Contact History records can contain data associated with one or more of the following fields:

Field Type Description
@timestamp date The timestamp at which OCS starts to process the call attempt. It is the time at which the pre-dial validation request is sent by OCS to CX Contact.
@endtime date The timestamp at which the outbound record for the given call is considered complete and is removed from OCS active processing (for example, on dial error, or when a finalization event is received from the agent desktop).
ccid keyword The Contact Center ID.
calluuid keyword The call attempt GUID.
chain_id integer Indicates the Contact ID in the database table.
chain_n integer The number of the device in the contact/chain.
contact_info keyword The device's phone number.
contact_info_type keyword The Common library enum (GctiContactType) based on the cd_device_index. For example, ['No Contact Type', 'Home Phone', 'Direct Business Phone', ...].
duration integer The processing duration (that is, endtime - timestamp).
durationCall integer The call duration (ms). That is, (timeAbandoned - timeClientPickedUp), (timeAgentCallReleased - timeClientPickedUp), or (timeBadCallReleased - timeDialing).
timeDialing integer The dialing timestamp.
timeClientRinging integer The timestamp of when the client number rang.
callTime integer The timestamp of when the call started.
callResult integer The call result.
optimizationGoal integer Indicates the highest allowable percentage of proactively triggered interactions that can be closed by visitors prior to an agent joining the session.
optimizationMethod keyword The OCS optimization method.
listName keyword The Calling list name.
campaignName keyword The Campaign name.
campaignTemplateName keyword The campaign template name.
campaignGroupName keyword The campaign group name.
groupName keyword The agent's group name.
timezoneNameCME keyword The name of the CME timezone.
timezoneName keyword The name of the JAVA timezone.
timezoneOffset keyword The timezone offset.
recordType keyword The type of chain (enum is GctiRecordType).
recordStatus keyword The status of the record in the State machine (enum is GctiRecordType). The default value is Ready.
VoiceTransferDestination integer The GSW Queue name.
countryCode keyword The phone number's country code.
ClientCountryCode keyword The client's country code.
areaCode keyword The phone number's area code.
postalCode keyword The postal code.
disposition keyword Indicates whether or not GSW_BLOCKING_RULE is available. If it is available the value is Blocked. If it is not available GSW_HIST_SEQUENCE_NUM == 0 and the value is Unknown or Called.
sessionuuid integer The Session GUID of the currently active or running campaign group.
userData keyword Includes all of the information received from OCS in a History HTTP POST. The information does not start with GSW_.
id keyword Identifies the last call made to any device belonging to a contact listed in the Session GUID and calling list.
contact_id integer A composite property used to identify a contact in the calling list. For example, listid.chainId.
listId integer The Calling list ID in the database.
successful keyword The call attempt result [false, true].

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