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Timezone Assignment

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System-level assignment of timezones based on device and/or postal code is sourced from third-party providers and maintained within the compliance component of CX Contact. This is an inclusive feature of CX Contact.

This article explains the ways in which CX Contact assigns a timezone to a record within a contact list.

Timezone Assignment Options

The record's Timezone is independently detected by the Contact level and Device level as described below.

If you upload a non-geo number (+1 800) without providing a contact timezone for that record and the CX Contact account doesn’t contain a custom timezone entry for +1 800, then CX Contact will refer to the Default timezone field specified on the General tab of the Settings page.

Contact Level

The user-defined field used at the Contact level depends on the type of mapping used, as described below:

  • Mapping via explicit assignment - The value in the user-defined value explicitly states the timezone to be used (for example, Europe/London).
    • User-defined field can be tz, time_zone, or timezone.
  • Mapping via country code and postal code - The value in these user-defined fields stores the postal code and country code.
    • User-defined fields are c_postal_code and c_country_code_iso.

Device Level

The user-defined field used at the Device level depends on the type of mapping used, as described below:

  • Mapping via Custom map - See the Custom Timezone Mapping section below for more information.
  • Mapping via Country code and Area code - Timezone is selected based on device's country code and area code.
A user-defined field is a custom field within a contact list used to define or determine a contact's timezone. The custom timezone fields are described above.

Custom Timezone Mapping

Use the custom mapping option as an alternative to adding a user-defined field to a contact list. In the custom map, you assign a timezone to all phone numbers containing a specific country code and area code. For example, you can assign the EST timezone to all national rate phone numbers.

How to enable
  • Option 1: On the Custom Timezones tab, click New and then specify the country code, area code, and timezone that should be applied.
  • Option 2: On the Custom Timezones tab, click From file to import a CSV file containing a list of timezones that should be applied. This file does not require any headings, and once the file is imported into CX Contact, each record from the file will appear as a separate entry in the list of custom timezones, as follows:
CXC CustomTZImport.png

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