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CX Contact Analytics

CX Contact (CXC) Analytics is a powerful tool that enables you to obtain an extensive and detailed understanding about CX Contact processes. With a series of different dashboards, CX Contact Analytics offers a variety of visualizations and in-depth reporting panels that highlight specific aspects of Jobs, Calls, SMS/Emails, Campaigns and so on.

Key Features

  • Almost Real-Time Reporting - As soon as an event occurs, CXC Analytics can start to use the resulting data to build reports.
  • Custom Time Period - Data extraction that enables you to view how processes are performing over time.
  • Advanced Filtering Options - Enables you to pinpoint specific data.

Use the following options in the Analytics tab to create custom dashboard views.

Dashboard Icon Name Description
Analytics-device.png Job Record Contains data about a Job's status and its results.
Analytics-preloading.png Call List Loading Record Contains data about Call List loading results.
Analytics-campaign.png Preloading Record Contains data about numbers that were removed from one or more Call Lists.
Analytics-call.png Campaign Group Event Record Contains data about the status of a Campaign group.
Analytics-callresult.png Call Result Record Contains data about call attempts.
Analytics-contact.png Contact History Record Contains statistical and contact data about call attempts.
Analytics-sms.png SMS/EMAIL record Contains data about SMS/EMAIL events.

Click the Analytics menu to open the Analytics page. The following image depicts a typical Analytics page.


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