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CX Contact Analytics

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For the latest content and most recent updates, see the CX Contact Help on the Genesys Multicloud site.

CX Contact (CXC) Analytics is a powerful tool that enables you to obtain an extensive and detailed understanding about CX Contact processes. With a series of different dashboards, CX Contact Analytics offers a variety of visualizations and in-depth reporting panels that highlight specific aspects of Jobs, Calls, SMS/Emails, Campaigns and so on.

Key Features

  • Almost Real-Time Reporting - As soon as an event occurs, CXC Analytics can start to use the resulting data to build reports.
  • Custom Time Period - Data extraction that enables you to view how processes are performing over time.
  • Advanced Filtering Options - Enables you to pinpoint specific data.

Design your Dashboard

Use the following options in the Analytics tab to create custom dashboard views.

Dashboard Icon Name Description
Scheduledashboard.png Outbound Schedules Dashboard Contains data about a Schedule's status and its results.
Analytics-device.png Job Record Contains data about a Job's status and its results.
Analytics-preloading.png Device Import Detail Records Contains data about Device Import Detail Record results.
Analytics-campaign.png Preloading Record Contains data about numbers that were removed from one or more Call Lists.
Analytics-call.png Campaign Group Event Record Contains data about the status of a Campaign group.
Analytics-callresult.png Call Result Record Contains data about call attempts.
Analytics-contact.png Contact History Record Contains statistical and contact data about call attempts.
Analytics-sms.png SMS/EMAIL Record Contains data about SMS/EMAIL events.
User Actions index icon.png User Actions Contains data about user events (that is, who did what and exactly when).

Click the Analytics menu to open the Analytics page. The following image depicts a typical Analytics page.


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