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Campaign Group Event Record Dashboard

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The Campaign Group Event Record Dashboard Analytics-call.png contains data about the status of a Campaign group.

Campaign Group Event records can contain data associated with one or more of the following fields:

Field Type Description
id keyword Elasticsearch Index ID
@timestamp date The timestamp of when the Elasticsearch index was submitted.
ccid keyword Contact Center ID
sessionuuid keyword The Session GUID of the currently active/running campaign group.
action keyword The action that was applied to the Campaign Group. For example, ['None', 'LoadCampaign', 'StartDialing', 'StopDialing', 'UnloadCampaign'].
state keyword The current Campaign Group state. For example, ['NotLoaded', 'Active', 'Running', 'UnloadInProgress', 'WaitingUnload', 'NotLoaded'].
dialingMode keyword The Dialing mode.
campaignName keyword The Campaign name.
campaignGroupName keyword The Campaign group name.
campaignGroupDBID integer The Campaign group DBID.
campaignTemplateName keyword The Campaign template name.
groupName keyword The Group name.
actualBusyFactor float The current agent's busy factor (reported by OCS).
actualHitRatio float The current Hit Ratio (reported by OCS).
actualOverdialRate float The percentage of abandoned calls (reported by OCS).
actualTimeToComplete float The time it took to complete the Group Campaign lists (reported by OCS).
lists object The Campaign Group calling lists.

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