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Call Result Record Dashboard

The Call Result Record Dashboard contains data about call attempts..

Call Result Record records can contain data associated with one or more of the following fields:

Field Type
id keyword
@timestamp date
@endtime date
ccid keyword
calluuid keyword
contact_info keyword
contact_info_type keyword
blockingRuleName keyword
duration integer
durationCall integer
durationACW integer
durationCPD integer
durationQueue integer
timeDialing date
timeClientRinging date
timeBadCallReleased date
timeClientPickedUp date
timeCPDFinished date
timeQueued date
timeAgentRinging date
timeAgentEstablished date
timeAMDiverted date
timeAbandoned date
timeAgentCallReleased date
callTime date
callResult keyword
dialingMode keyword
optimizationGoal integer
optimizationMethod keyword
listName keyword
campaignName keyword
campaignGroupName keyword
sessionuuid keyword
campaignTemplateName keyword
groupName Keyword
timezoneName keyword
timezoneNameCME keyword
timezoneOffset integer
agentLoginId keyword
scheduledTime date
recordType keyword
recordStatus keyword
voiceTransferDestination keyword
countryCode keyword
clientCountryCode keyword
areaCode keyword
deviceTimezone keyword
disposition keyword
postalCode keyword
userData object

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