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Treatments based on Disposition Codes

Starting with release 8.1.519.01, OCS supports the ability to apply treatments based on disposition codes, in addition to treatments based on call results. Disposition codes can be specified by the agent desktop or by a routing strategy.

OCS relies on the following capabilities of the agent desktop:

  1. To read the disposition codes stored as business attribute values in the configuration environment and allow an agent to apply a disposition code to any chain that has reached the desktop (for example, Answer or Answering Machine call results).
  2. To provide the disposition code value (not the Display Name) in the record finalization desktop request in the key-value pair of type string with the constant key name GSW_DISPOSITION_CODE.
  3. To provide the GSW_TREATMENT flag in the record finalization desktop request, along with GSW_DISPOSITION_CODE, if a treatment application based on a disposition code is expected of OCS.

Disposition-level treatments have the same treatment properties as call results-based treatments.

Sequences of treatments based on disposition codes and call results do not overlap. See sequence examples. If a treatment sequence for a call result is interrupted with a disposition code, the sequence is broken and the New in Sequence value resets to 1. Any “Next in Chain …” treatment finalizes the current sequence and, depending on a cycle attempt, can start a new sequence with the number in sequence equal 1.

OCS stores the disposition codes treatments history in the Calling List treatments field, in the same way it stores call results-based treatments history.

OCS prints the “DC Treatment Sequence” strings in its log when processing treatments based on disposition codes.


Treatments for disposition codes are configured at the Campaign Group level (as in the CX Contact) or at the individual Calling List level (traditional configuration). For information about configuring treatments based on disposition codes using the CX Contact, see Delivery and Retry Options in the CX Contact documentation.

Configuring Treatment Objects

To configure a Treatment object to use for a Disposition Code, specify the following properties:

  • Name: CXRD:<Disposition Code Value>:<Campaign Group DBID>:<Number in sequence>
  • Apply to Record: the desired record action
  • Call Result: Deafend (OCS should not rely on a call result, it may or may not be Deafend in general case)
  • Number in sequence: >= 1

Configuring Disposition Codes

Disposition codes can be configured based on the customer needs and as supported by the agent desktop application. OCS does not deal with Disposition Codes configuration objects directly. The below illustrates one of the methods (default) of disposition codes configuration in the configuration environment.


For information about assigning disposition codes in Workspace Desktop Edition, refer to Disposition Code in the Workspace documentation.

For more information about business attributes, refer to the Business Attributes page in the Genesys Administrator Extension Help guide.

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