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Other Resources

You may want to use the following additional resources for reference.

  • Framework Genesys Administrator Help--This Help system contains details about setting up application and component objects, and performing other important configuration tasks.
  • Framework--You can obtain information for the Outbound Deployment Planning Worksheet from Framework. For example, Tenants and Switch objects usually are created in the Framework Wizard, but sometimes they are created in Genesys Administrator. Outbound Contact uses some Framework Application objects that are created in the Framework Wizard or Genesys Administrator--for example, the Stat Server and DB Server. For some objects, you only need to identify their names in Framework and write those names on the worksheet.
  • Outbound Contact 8.1 Reference Manual--This document explains the constants and communication protocols for Outbound Contact.
  • Wizard Advisories for Outbound Contact, Framework, and Reporting, also contain useful information, and are located on each specific solution CD. All other documents are provided on the documentation library software CD that is specific to Outbound Contact as well as to other Genesys software products.
Note: Refer to the appropriate GVP and Interaction Server documentation if you are implementing Power GVP or Push Preview dialing modes.
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