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Dialing Overview

A typical Genesys system consists of agent desktops, a T-Server or a SIP Server, one or more OCS applications, and a calling list database.

For an enterprise that uses T-Server, this central component, a computer-telephony integration (CTI) server provides a transport layer for all the system's telephony information. All information to and from the desktop and other servers passes through T-Server. The agent desktop and OCS are clients of T-Server. For an Outbound-IP environment, SIP Server functions as the transport layer.

  • The value of the T-Server and SIP Server consult-user-data option should NOT be set to separate. This value prevents OCS from correctly processing a call flow when an outbound call is transferred by a consultation call.
  • For information about a VoIP environment that uses SIP Server instead of T-Server, see Outbound VoIP Deployment.

Smart Logout

The Smart Logout feature ensures that an agent is not logged out of a campaign until all calls that were assigned to the agent are returned to the calling list or are completed by the agent (refer to the "Agent Logout" section in the "Communication Protocols" chapter of the Outbound Contact Reference Manual). After the completion of Smart Logout (after OCS sends the LogOutAcknowledge message—refer to the "LogOutAcknowledge" section in the "Communication Protocols" chapter of the Outbound Contact Reference Manual), agents are assigned to the Inbound activity.

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