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AM-beep-tones Section

The am-beep-tones section contains definitions of the answering machine final beep tone, as given by the option am-beep-tone->n>. This section can contain up to 10 different tone definitions, with each tone numbered 1 to 10 in the option name (for example, am-beep-tone-1). CPD Server only processes this section if the AM final beep detection is enabled with the option am-beep-detect set to yes or true.


  • Type: Optional
  • Default Value: No default value
  • Valid Values: Valid definition of a beep tone, in the format described below.
  • Changes Take Effect: After the application is restarted
  • Specifies an AM final beep tone in the following format:

<tone type>;<first frequency, Hz>;<first frequency deviation,Hz>;<second frequency, Hz>;<second frequency deviation, Hz>
<tone type>--1 (single-frequency tone) or 2 (dual-frequency tone).
<first frequency, Hz>--First frequency in Hz.
<first frequency deviation, Hz>--First frequency deviation in Hz.
<second frequency, Hz>--Second frequency in Hz; 0 (zero) if single-frequency tone.
<second frequency, Hz>--Second frequency deviation in Hz; 0 (zero) if single-frequency tone.

  • For example, the following is a definition for a single-frequency tone:

am-beep-tone-1 = 1;1000;50;0;0

Note: Only burst tones (no cadence) can be configured and detected as AM final beep tones. CPD Server detects the trailing edge of the tone burst.


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