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Separate Tracking of Engaging CPD Ports

OCS allows you to explicitly set a limitation on the maximum number of ports that will be used for agent engagements. This feature is only applicable to Campaign Groups that run with CPD Server or SIP Server in Progressive with Seizing (see Progressive with Seizing Dialing Mode) or Predictive with Seizing (see Predictive with Seizing Dialing Mode) dialing modes. When this configuration is in effect, the number of CPD ports that are used for dialing outbound calls and the number of CPD ports that are used for agent engagement can be configured and tracked separately by the OCS Predictive Algorithm. This allows more precise control of the dialing resources in the configurations where engaging lines and regular lines are separated. It also allows more flexibility if a number of Campaign Groups (possibly with different logical priorities) simultaneously share the same SIP Server or CPD Server and the same set of hardware lines.


Separate tracking of the engaging ports is controlled by the asm_channel_num option.

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