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Campaign Group Auto Completion

OCS can automatically complete a Campaign Group under the following conditions:

  • When all retrieved calling list records have been finalized.
  • If no calling list records were retrieved when the last request was sent to the database.


  1. For a LoadCampaign, StartDialing, or SetDialingMode event, an HTTP request is sent to OCS.
  2. The request contains the attribute GSW_AUTO_COMPLETION with a value of 1.
  3. OCS has no records to dial, either because all have been finalized or because none were retrieved when the last request was sent to the database.
  4. OCS stops the Campaign Group automatically via Stop and Unload actions.
  5. Agents receive the following notifications: CampaignStopped and CampaignUnloaded.

Feature Configuration

The following OCS Communication Protocol - direct, T-Events, and HTTP - attribute is required.

Protocol Attribute (KVP Key) Value Type Description
  • A value of 0 indicates that the function is disabled
  • A value of 1 indicates that the Campaign Group will automatically stop when the record depletion conditions, described above, are met.
Remember - this attribute can only be added to the following events:
  • CampaignLoad
  • StartDialing
  • SetDialingMode


In the event the attribute contains a value of 1, OCS stops the Campaign Group automatically via the Stop and Unload actions. As a result, agents receive CampaignStopped and CampaignUnloaded notifications.

If the attribute contains a value of 0 or if a CampaignLoad, StartDialing, or SetDialingMode event does not contain the GSW_AUTO_COMPLETION attribute, OCS ignores the functionality.

Example Requests and Responses

HTTP Request to GWS for direct connect to OCS


{"key":"GSW_AUTO_COMPLETION", "value":1}


23:57:57.891 OCMClient[9]::message received
GSW_CM_MessageType              7 [GSW_CM_ReqLoadCampaign]
GSW_CM_AttrReferenceID          10
GSW_CM_AttrCampaignID           101
GSW_CM_AttrGroupID              732

HTTP Request to OCS


CmHttpEvent[1-1]::14:10:13.014 Processing HTTP request; uri: /campaigngroups/101?req=Load

14:10:13.014 Parsed OCS request:                           'GSW_AUTO_COMPLETION'        1
                                'GSW_CM_AttrSessionID'             101
                                'GSW_CM_MessageType'            7


HTTPProxyClient[]::Desktop request received
                                'GSW_AUTO_COMPLETION'        1
                                'GSW_CM_AttrSessionID'             101
                                'GSW_CM_MessageType'            7
                                'GSW_APPLICATION_ID' 4114
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