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Configuration Tasks

Configuring Statistical Days and Statistical Tables for Time Ranges

  • To configure Statistical Days and Statistical Tables in Genesys Administrator.


  1. In Genesys Administrator > Provisioning tab > Routing, in the Statistical Tables view, create an OCS folder (for example, OCServer).
  2. Create a Statistical table with the Special Day type for weekdays.
  3. Create Statistical Days for each weekday.
  4. For each day, configure the start and end time for the workday.
    Note: A workdays list might not be limited to Monday through Friday if you configure Saturday and/or Sunday as workdays.
  5. Create a Statistical table with the Special Day type for holidays.
  6. Create a Statistical Day for each holiday.
  7. For each holiday, configure its start and end time.
    Note: When a Dialing Session for a Campaign Group is loaded, OCS searches for the current date in the holiday table.

    If the timerange for this date is not found, OCS looks in the weekdays table. If the time range for this date is still not found, OCS considers it a weekend if one or both of the holiday and weekday tables are configured. If neither table is configured and a time range for this date is not found, OCS considers the time range as a holiday (HDAY). Warning: For more information about configuring Statistical tables and days, see Framework Genesys Administrator Help.


Configuring SCXML Treatment Options

Configure the following options at either the Campaign Group or Calling List level.

Note: This value of this option identifies the contact type of the next record for which to search in a chain when the ocs.next_record event includes the gsw_preferred_flag equal to yes (see the Events from OCS table).

Deploying a Treatment Script to an Application Server (IIS)

  • To deploy the treatments to an Application Server.


  1. Navigate to the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot folder.
  2. Copy the treatment script files with the .xml or .scxml extensions to that folder.


Version Checking

If the script is updated while is it currently being used by a campaign that is running, OCS applies the new treatment to all chains processed after the update.

Error Handling

Error handling is addressed using the Error.Attribute and Error.Configuration events, as described in the Events from OCS table.

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