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HMP Section

The options in this section are enabled when the line-type option contains the sip-hmp or sip-hmp-asm values.


  • Type: Optional
  • Default Value: PCMU
  • Valid Values: PCMU, PCMA, or both separated by a comma
  • Changes Take Effect: After restart
  • Defines the codec(s) to use for HMP. If more than one codec is listed, the first codec has priority over the second.
  • The PCMU value corresponds to the G.711 mu-law codec.
  • The PCMA value corresponds to the G.711 a-law codec.


  • Type: Optional
  • Default Value: No default value
  • Valid Values: IPv4 IP address only (no domain names), for example
  • Changes Take Effect: After application restart
  • If configured, enforces HMP to use the specified IP address instead of the default IP address as defined in the Dialogic DCM. Only IP version 4 addresses are supported. If the value cannot be interpreted as a valid IP address at CPD Server startup, CPD Server will stop the start-up routine, generate the appropriate log message, and exit.

This option should be used on hosts which have several Network Interface Cards (NIC) on board, because it enables you to explicitly define the NIC to be used by HMP.


  • Type: Mandatory
  • Default Value: ""
  • Valid Values: <any valid host name or IP address>
  • Defines the SIP Proxy host name or IP address.
Note: Ignore messages about dynamic option changes when HMP software is used.
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