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Dialogic Utilities

These utilities can help you to resolve problems that might occur when you are using Dialogic boards.

ISDIAG Dialogic Utility

The ISDIAG Dialogic Utility is part of the Dialogic software package. Use this utility to test lines, for example, when working with different protocols. You can also set call parameters using this utility.

The utility is a console application. To run the utility, follow the Help menu using the command prompts. If the system is not working, use this utility to make a call, if you can; then, if the system is still not working, check your hardware settings. If you cannot make a call using the utility, contact Genesys Technical Support.

Also, try comparing the Trace log against the Dialogic board Component log to check for possible problems.

PRI-Trace Utility

The PRI-Trace utility is part of the Dialogic software package. Use it to see all the parameters sent through the D-channel. The parameters display in binary log files; the PRI-Trace utility turns the logs into readable text.

Dialogic Configuration Manager

Dialogic Configuration Manager (DCM) is part of the Dialogic software package.

Make sure that you use this utility when you are configuring Dialogic boards for your system. To access this utility from the Start menu, select Programs > Dialogic System Software > Dialogic Configuration Manager--DCM.

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