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Outbound Solution Wizard

This topic explains how to use the Outbound Solution Wizard, also known as the Outbound Contact Configuration Wizard.

Note: Genesys recommends that you use Genesys Administrator instead of the Outbound Contact Configuration Wizard for configuring your enterprise, because much of the wizard functionality is integrated into Genesys Administrator.

Warning: This Wizard was not updated for release 8.1. The Outbound Contact Configuration Wizard 7.5 is included in the Outbound Contact 8.1 package.

This Wizard creates a standard configuration of the Outbound Contact components (Outbound Contact Server, Outbound Contact Manager, and Call Progress Detection Server). The wizard creates all mandatory options with their default values. You can easily redefine these default values based on the specific needs of your contact center.

The Wizard also provides a method for setting up the Dialogic board channels (ports) for CPD Server.

Note: Use this Wizard for standard configurations only, instead of for complex configurations (for example, in an environment that has two Dialogic boards for the same CPD Server or when configuring two or more DNs on a switch that has the same dtiB number).

Before You Begin

First, complete the Framework installation and configuration. Be sure to refer to the Worksheet Definitions. New changes for the Outbound Configuration Wizard include:

  • Introduces new component definitions in the Solution object for the GVP OBN Manager and Interaction Server applications.
  • Supports the Campaign Group object. The CampaignGroupInfo object is no longer supported.
  • Dynamically adds new components in the Solution object.
  • Supports the HMP configuration in the CPD Server Wizard.
Note: Only one instance of CPD Server using HMP software can be executed on a host machine.

Creating an Outbound Solution

As mentioned, the Outbound Solution Wizard enables you to create an Outbound solution. The wizard is accessible through the Genesys Wizard Manager.

Using the Outbound Solution Wizard to create a solution


  1. Insert the Genesys 8.1 Outbound CD.
  2. In the root directory, double-click setup.exe to install the Outbound Contact Configuration Wizard.
  3. Open the Genesys Wizard Manager.
  4. On the left pane of the Genesys Wizard window, select Outbound Contact.
    The Genesys Wizard Manager displays existing solutions, if any, and a prompt to deploy a new Outbound Contact Solution.
  5. Create an Outbound Contact Solution or reconfigure an existing one:
    • To create a new Outbound Contact Solution, click Outbound Contact on the right pane of the Genesys Wizard Manager page.
      The Outbound Solution Wizard launches and leads you through the process of creating a new Outbound Contact Solution. Skip the remaining steps of this procedure.
    • To reconfigure an existing Outbound Contact Solution object, click the object name on the right pane of the Genesys Wizard Manager page.
      The Properties dialog box opens for the Outbound Contact Solution object. Proceed to Step 6.
    Note: Complete Steps 6 through 10 only if you are reconfiguring an existing Outbound Contact Solution object.
  6. Click the Components tab and select a specific component.
  7. Click Properties.
  8. Click More.
    The Properties dialog box opens for the component that you selected in Step 7.
  9. Change the configurations, as needed.
    For full explanations of the options in this dialog box, see Outbound Contact Configuration Options. Also refer to the information in your Sample Planning Worksheet.
  10. Click Apply.


Recommended Configuration for CPD Server

The Wizard will not allow you to create an incomplete configuration. If you abort the configuration, the Wizard removes the incomplete configuration.

Resources Configuration Activity

The Wizard implements a list of supported board types for selection. As more than one board may be installed, the Wizard allows selection of a few boards for configuration, instead of one-by-one configuration. When configuring a virtual board, the Wizard assigns a DN to every channel of the board. The Wizard assigns the DNs in sequence, one by one. The following figure illustrates the recommended configuration process for the CPD Server Application object.

Recommended Configuration for CPD Server Application Object
  • Do not mix different board technologies.
  • Do not use different protocols (such as ISDN and Melcas) in one box.
  • The CPD Server Installation Wizard will not recognize that the Dialogic drivers had been already installed if its version is different from the version of the drivers that are packaged on the Genesys Dialogic CD included with Outbound Contact.
  • The CPD Server Installation Wizard will not create the Dialogic DN configuration if you do not create a CPD Server application.
  • CPD Server supports only the Dialogic drivers (for Service Release 6) that are provided on the Dialogic CD included with Outbound Contact.

Deleting a previously configured Dialogic board

If you are creating a new configuration, you must first delete the previously configured Dialogic boards.


To delete a previously configured board:

  1. When the Wizard displays a list of configured boards, select the boards you want to delete.
  2. If a board is associated with a CPD Server application, then the Wizard will warn you and ask for a confirmation.

If the Wizard receives a confirmation, it clears the value of the location option in all applications that match the board name.


CPD Server Application Sections and Options

For information about the sections referenced in CPD Server Options.

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