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License Section

The License section contains two options that support the licensing of CPD Server.


  • Type: Optional
  • Default Value: None
  • Valid Values: Any string
  • Changes Take Effect: After the application is restarted
  • Specifies the license address in one of these formats:
  • The host name and port of the license server, as specified in the SERVER line of the license file, in the port@host format--for example:
  • The full path to and the exact name of the license file--for example:


  • Type: Optional
  • Default Value: 0 (all available licenses)
  • Valid Values: max or an integer from 0 to 9999
  • Specifies how many licenses CPD checks out initially.
  • If the value of this option is increased, CPD will attempt to check out an additional amount of licenses. This change takes effect immediately.
  • If the value of this option is decreased, CPD Server will check in the extra licenses and will not release the ports. CPD Server will not use the ports until the number of used ports falls below the number of licenses available for the CPD Server.
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