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Campaign Object

A Campaign object contains information about the Calling List(s) and, if needed, defines campaign-level options.

Creating a New Campaign Object


  1. In Genesys Administrator, select Provisioning > Outbound Contact > Campaigns.
  2. Click New.
  3. Define the fields in the Configuration tab.
  4. In the Calling Lists section, click Add to add calling lists to the campaign.
  5. Click Save and Close.


Campaign Object--Configuration Tab


Required; the default value is [Campaign]. Type or choose the name of the campaign. This name must be unique within the tenant.


Automatically populated by the system.


Optional; the default value is [None]. Defines the Script object that contains all of the attributes that are required by Agent Scripting. For more information, see the "Attaching Script Information to OCS User Events and Telephony Events" section in the Outbound Contact Reference Manual for more information.

State Enabled

Required; default is checked. A check box that indicates that customer interaction can be directed to this target. A more complete description can be found in Framework Genesys Administrator Help.

Calling List

Required; the default value is [None]. The names of Calling Lists that will be dialed during this Campaign. A Campaign can have zero or more Calling Lists. Select from defined Calling Lists.

List Weight (in Configuration Manager); Share (in Genesys Administrator)

Required; default is [10]. This property is applicable for a campaign with more than one active Calling List. It is the percentage of call records to be retrieved from a Calling List for a Campaign. Specify what percentage of that volume will be drawn from each calling list. See the "Understanding Weights" topic in the Framework Genesys Administrator Help.

Note: The List Weight field is the Share field in the Calling List tab.


Required; default is checked. A check box that indicates if the selected Calling List is involved in this campaign. The check box is used to activate or deactivate the Calling List dynamically in a running dialing session for a campaign.

Campaign Object--Options Tab

Use this tab to define outbound campaign-related options. An option defined in this tab fine-tunes the system on the individual campaign level.

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