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After you configure and install the component applications for Outbound Contact, you configure additional objects in Genesys Administrator to support and run dialing sessions for campaigns.

The following Framework objects should already exist before you create the Outbound-specific objects: Tenants, Persons, and telephony configuration objects (Switches, Agent Logins, DNs), Places, Place Groups and/or Agent Groups.

Outbound Object-Creation Sequence

Genesys recommends that you create the Outbound-specific objects in the following order:

  1. Fields. Create user-defined fields (if necessary) before you create the Format object that will contain them.
  2. Format. Create a Format before you create the Table Access Point object to which it will be applied.
  3. Table Access Point. Create the Table Access Point before your create the Calling List object to which it will be applied.
  4. Filters.
  5. Treatments.
  6. Calling Lists.
  7. Campaigns.
  8. Campaign Groups.

Permissions in Campaign-Related Objects

For users to run or change a dialing session for an outbound campaign, they must be assigned to an Access Group object that has special access privileges to all campaign-related configuration objects. Special access is the default value.

Verifying or Changing Permissions for an Access Group Object


  1. Open each campaign-related object.
  2. Select the Permissions tab.
  3. Make the necessary changes.
  4. For more information about setting permissions, see Framework Genesys Administrator Help.


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