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Outbound Contact is an automated system that is used to create, modify, and run outbound dialing campaigns/dialing sessions in which agents interact with customers. Running a dialing session, involves launching a dialing session that is associated with the campaign, monitoring it, and making any necessary adjustments. To perform these tasks, Outbound Contact users can:

  • Create calling lists from customer contact information.
  • Group calling lists into campaigns for outbound dialing.
  • Share campaigns among multiple agent groups.
  • Create campaign sequences with the Campaign Sequence object, which provides predefined thresholds and automatic agent assignments.
  • Automatically load, start, unload, and perform other management functions for Campaign Groups using Outbound Schedules.
  • Optimize usage of agent resources by using assignments. Agents can shift as needed between different dialing sessions and activities, including switching between inbound and outbound call handling.
  • Chain records for a customer (multiple call records).
  • Choose different dialing modes.
  • Define treatments and scheduled calls for unsuccessful calls on each calling list.
  • Monitor campaigns using Reporting tools.
  • Apply Do Not Call restrictions by phone number or customer ID.

Outbound Contact can use traditional telephony or VoIP architecture. In both cases, it has a client/server architecture consisting of the one of the following:

  • Outbound Contact consists of Outbound Contact Server (OCS) and optionally can include Call Progress Detection Server (CPD Server) and/or CPD Proxy Server.

In release 8.x, Genesys Administrator replaces Outbound Contact Manager (OCM). Genesys Administrator is a web-based user interface (UI) that provides provisioning, monitoring, deployment, and operations of Genesys solutions.

Note: If you already use Outbound Contact Manager, you can continue to use OCM 7.6 with Outbound Contact 8.x.


Refer to the Genesys Migration Guide for detailed information about migrating Outbound Contact 7.x or 8.0 to Outbound Contact 8.1.

License Control

Outbound Contact 8.1 requires an 8.0 license. See the Genesys Licensing Guide for the supported versions of FlexLM, which is the application Genesys uses to authenticate licenses. If you want to run Outbound Contact in a mixed environment (in which some Outbound Contact components are release 8.1, and some others are release 7.5, 7.6, or 8.0), 8.0 Outbound Contact licenses must be present on License Server, along with licenses for earlier versions of Outbound Contact. Outbound Contact licenses are required for all dialing modes except Push Preview and Power GVP with OBN Manager.

Note: If you are using Dialogic HMP software, additional licenses are necessary. See HMP Software and contact your Dialogic representative for more information.

Refer to the Genesys Licensing Guide for detailed information about how to license Outbound Contact 8.1.

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