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New Features in Release 9.0

In release 9, you must upgrade all iWD components to the same release version (9.0.xxx must be the same for all components) to guarantee correct functioning.


  • iWD Manager
    • Support for custom attribute types
      You can now configure custom attributes types in Genesys configuration layer. iWD Manager uses these types for validation in filter criteria and for proper display of task details. Configuration details are here. Please perform the migration as described here.
    • ORS Business Process improvements
      • The maximum number of retries to connect GRE/UCS is now restricted for the InvokeGRE and InvokeUCS strategies in order to prevent an infinite loop if GRE/UCS is down.
      • The iWD Business Process now properly handles ORS timeouts and GRE/UCS unavailability.
    • You can now create a bookmark for any page in the Global Task List (for example, for a custom filter). If you navigate to this bookmark after being logged out, you are routed to login and then redirected to the desired URL after authentication. In previous versions, bookmarked pages could be used only after logging in explicitly.
  • iWD Data Mart reporting enhancements
    • Default Values
      iWD Data Mart now calculates and aggregates tasks which are not yet classified or prioritized at the moment of aggregation. The default value Unclassified is used to populate undefined values in the following dimensions:
      Undefined values in other dimensions are now set as Unknown.
    • New configuration option
      A new configuration option—aggregation-delay-interval—is introduced. You can now specify a number of minutes (in 15-minute increments—15, 30, 45, and so on) to be waited before aggregation. Setting this parameter helps to avoid getting default values (Unclassified, Unknown) in reports. Set the value to a sufficient amount of time to ensure pre-routing activity is already completed and all tasks' properties are populated.
    • Pending Metrics
      The calculation logic for some rare cases has been fixed. The following measures are affected:
      These metrics belong to the aggregates:
    • Real-time reporting
      Real-time reporting metrics are now calculated over facts, not over aggregates. This means that real-time reporting will receive the latest processed data, even if an aggregation delay is set to more than 0 (zero) or if the aggregation process is delayed for some reason.
  • Support for the following databases. See the IWD section in the Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide for more detailed information and a list of all supported databases.
    • Oracle 12c R2
    • Oracle 12c R2 RAC
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2017


  • Support for OpenJDK 11.
  • iWD Manager:
    • Provision of a default filter to be applied when users open the Global Task List.
    • New Create Copy button for copying filters.
    • A Queue selector for filter criteria now shows all iWD queues for the selected tenant.
    • A mandatory tenantId parameter has been added to the FetchFilterCriteriaTemplates method.
    • Improvements to display of non-English characters.
  • iWD History Node:
    • Additional JMS parameter support.
    • Support for the IBM MQ JMS provider.
  • iWD Data Mart:
    • Support for native plugins to improve performance.
    • Improvements to the KETTLE version of the AGE plugin.
  • Improvements to the iWD Business Process for Composer/ORS.


  • Support for Genesys CX Insights (GCXI) has been introduced.
  • The Statistics Adapter job can now automatically create Virtual Queues for real-time reporting. MORE DETAILS
    New Pulse widgets are provided within the iWD Runtime Node IP. (IWD-8105) MORE DETAILS
  • iWD Manager filters now support "is like" and "value in list" criteria. MORE DETAILS
  • Logging configuration been unified for all iWD components. LMS files now contain full log messages, so Message Server alarms can be set up in the same way as other Genesys products. MORE DETAILS
  • Support for OpenJDK 8 is introduced.


    • iWD Manager, iWD Plug-in for GAX, and iWD Web are now localized into the following languages: Chinese (Simplified), French (France), German (Germany), Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Japanese.
    • The iWD Data Mart database schema has been changed. See migration information for more details.
    • iWD Manager and iWD Web are now localized into Spanish (International). iWD Plug-in for GAX is now localized into Spanish (Latin America) and Spanish (Mexico).
    • The Statistics Adapter job can now write settings into multiple Stat Server primary/backup pairs. Previously, it could only write to one such pair.
    • JDBC Driver Class, JDBC Driver JAR File and JDBC URL can be explicitly configured for iWD Stat Extensions, using iWD GAX Plug-in. These configuration options are optional. By default iWD Stat Server Extensions will use values from iWD Data Mart and default values. MORE DETAILS.


  • iWD Manager and iWD Web now fully support Local Control Agent (LCA).


  • Changes to iWD History Node
    • iWD History Node now fully supports Local Control Agent (LCA). iWD History Node's Application type has been changed from type Third Party Server to type Genesys Generic Server to support this change.
    • A new configuration option—centralized-logging—now enables configurable centralized logging to Message Server.
  • iWD Data Mart—IWD Data Mart now supports centralized logging. A checkbox that enables logging has been added to the Data Mart logging settings in the GAX plugin.
  • Changes to Application types—The Application types of iWD Manager Server, iWD History Node and iWD Web have been changed from type Third Party Server to type Genesys Generic Server, in order to support the implementation of Local Control Agent (LCA) functionality for iWD History Node.
  • Extension of TLS Support—Connections from iWD Data Mart and iWD History Node to Message Server now support TLS. Please read this topic.


  • Support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 is implemented. Please refer to the new Configuring TLS for iWD guide.
  • iWD Manager configuration—iWD Manager configuration has been moved from the iwd.properties file to the iWD Manager Application object in Configuration Server. Please refer to iWD manager configuration options.
  • A Pause block with a configurable delay has been added to the InvokeGRE workflow of the IWD Business Process for Composer/ORS, in order to guarantee that interaction updates will be received. For more information, see IWDBP Strategies & Subroutines. (IWD-7465)


Platforms/Tools Changes

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is implemented.
  • Support for MS SQL 2016 Cluster & AlwaysOn is implemented.
  • Support for Windows Server 2016 is implemented.
  • Support for Jetty 9.4 is implemented.
Please see the release note Known Issues topic.


iWD History Node

iWD History Node is an application that filters the flow of data from the Interaction Server, so that only iWD-relevant data is made available to iWD, thereby boosting performance.


In iWD deployments with a large number of interactions, very high volumes of events can be stored in the Event Log database. The size of the Event Log database can affect performance for both iWD and Interaction Server. Besides using database tables used by iWD, Interaction Server can provide Event Log data via the Java Messaging Service (JMS) queue. The new iWD History Node application utilizes this mechanism to filter uninteresting records before they enter the database. It also splits the source data stream into separate tables, one for Data Mart and one for the Global Task List. Thus each table can be maintained separately, reducing the complexity of the Prune job.

History Nodes can also be configured in clusters.

New Process Summary

  1. Interaction Server sends reporting events to the JMS queue instead of storing them in the Event Log Database.
  2. History Node reads events from the JMS queue, filters them and extracts important information. The JMS queue remains almost empty the whole time.
  3. Only events needed by iWD are processed and saved in History Node's database.
  4. Only relevant information from the events is stored in History Node's database.
  5. Events are stored in two tables in History Node's database, one for use by Data Mart, one for use by GTL.
  6. Events can be queried by iWD Manager via the REST API.
  7. GTL events are removed from History Node's database when the interaction is completed.
  8. Events can be queried by iWD Data Mart via the REST API.
  9. Data Mart events are removed from History Node's database immediately after they are processed by Data Mart.

More Information

REST API for iWD Manager

iWD Manager Updates

  • The user interface of iWD Manager has been updated to bring it into line with other Genesys applications and components. As part of this update, the Custom Interaction Properties functionality has been moved into the iWD Plug-in for GAX. iWD Manager Help and iWD Plug-in for GAX Help have also been updated accordingly.
  • iWD Manager now runs as a standalone Java application without needing any external servers.

Removal of IWD Manager Configuration Database

  • iWD Manager no longer has a separate database for configuration objects. Configuration of iWD Manager filters, icons and user settings has been moved to Configuration Server.

Support for Interaction Server Cluster via Proxy

Before release 9.0, iWD supported multi-Interaction-Server deployments with tasks segmented into logical entities called Solutions. In this architecture, each Solution is handled by a single Interaction Server (possibly in primary-backup configuration) and each Interaction Server can handle multiple Solutions. iWD 9.0 expands this capability with an architecture where a single Solution can be handled by multiple Interaction Servers via an Interaction Server Proxy.

More Information

Support for Automated Import of XLS/CSV Files in iWD Web

In release 9.0, you can configure automatic import of .XLS and .CSV files with column headings, based on a time interval of the customer's choosing. Source systems export tasks/work items to a safe location that iWD Web can access. iWD Web checks for the presence of a new file in this location, checks the file format, then imports the individual tasks to iWD / Interaction Server for insertion into the Global Task List. Automatically uploaded jobs can be viewed (alongside any manual uploads) in the Jobs List tab of iWD Web.

To use this feature, you must create and configure a special iWD Web capture point, similar to a File capture point.

Please note that handling of New tasks only is supported in the initial release.

More Information

Platforms/Tools Changes

  • Support for Java 8 (mandatory for iWD 9.0 components) is implemented.
  • Support for the Safari 10 browser is implemented.
  • Support for embedded Tomcat is implemented.
  • Support for Redhat Linux 7 is implemented.

Discontinued Support

  • Support for Java 7 and Java 6.
  • Support for IBM WebSphere.
  • Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and 10.
  • Support for Windows Server 2008.
  • Support for MS SQL Server 2005.
  • Support for the ACME samples tools and demonstration.
  • The iWD Data Mart Reference Guide has been updated to reflect the fact that distribution points have been removed from iWD Data Mart.
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