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Migration of the 9.0.x release to newer versions

Migration to 9.0.008.xx

Migrate iWD Manager Logging options

Previously iWD Manager logging was configured via the log4j.properties file. This file has been removed and configuration properties have moved to Configuration Server. Move existing options according to the following mapping:

log4j Property <section.property> Comment
log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG... log.level add rootLogger level to log.level option
log4j.appender.Console=org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender log.log-to-console If Console logging is enabled, set log.log-to-console to true
log4j.appender.Console.Threshold=TRACE log.console-log-level  
log4j.appender.centralized_manager=com.genesyslab.iwd.log.CentralizedAppender log.centralized-logging If Centralized logging is enabled set log.log-to-file to true
log4j.appender.centralized_manager.Threshold=DEBUG log.centralized-log-level DEBUG, TRACE, WARN, INFO => STANDARD, ERROR => ALARM
log4j.appender.manager=org.apache.log4j.RollingFileAppender log.log-to-file


  • If File logging is enabled set log.log-to-file to true
  • If Logger class is org.apache.log4j.FileAppender set archive to false,
  • If Logger class is org.apache.log4j.RollingFileAppender set archive to true
log4j.appender.manager.Threshold=DEBUG log.file-log-level  
log4j.appender.manager.File=/GCTI/iWD/iwd_manager.log log.log-filename  
log4j.appender.manager.MaxBackupIndex=9 log.max-history  
log4j.appender.manager.MaxFileSize=1024MB log.max-file-size  

Migrate Data Mart and History Node logging options

Data Mart and History Node logging options have been updated. Migration to the new version of logging configuration may be performed via iWD Plugin for GAX. Note that iWD Plugin for GAX should be updated to version

  1. Login to GAX.
  2. Navigate to GAX -> Configuration -> Environment > Tenants.
  3. Go to the iWD Attributes tab
  4. Check that the fields "'Current Configuration Version"' and "'Actual Configuration Version"' have the same value—
  5. If the "'Current Configuration Version'" is lower than the actual one, click the "'Update Configuration"' button.
  6. If the '"Current Configuration Version"' is still not updated, refer to the GAX logs.
  7. If the "'Current Configuration Version"' and "'Actual Configuration Version'" are equal to, you can check and modify options as described on this Logging page.

Migration to

If you have already installed a 9.0.x iWD Runtime Node prior to the release, you must manually upgrade the database schema before starting the new iWD Runtime Node versions. The upgrade procedure alters the H_TASK_FACT table, adding the NOT NULL constraint to the last_task_event_id column and changing the primary key.

Migration Procedure

  1. Stop the iWD Runtime Node application.
  2. Back up the Data Mart database.
  3. Install a new iWD Runtime Node application.
  4. In the <iWD Runtime Node>/etl/migration/manual directory, find a migration script for the appropriate database type and run it on the Data Mart database.
  5. Start the iWD Runtime Node application.
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