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Troubleshooting iWD Runtime Node

This article troubleshoots the following issues:
  • Existing historical data was not updated with the default media type and interaction type value after installing iWD Runtime Node.
  • Follow this procedure if you have installed IWD and your Data Mart runs on MSSQL or POSTGRES databases.
  • Do NOT execute this procedure if you have not installed


  1. Obtain the latest IWD release ( Release Note).
  2. Stop the iWD Runtime Node application.
  3. Back up the Data Mart database.
  4. Depending on your database vendor:
    • For MSSQL go to the folder ..\iWD Runtime Node\etl\migration\manual\mssql.
    • For POSTGRES go to the folder ..\iWD Runtime Node\etl\migration\manual\postgres.
  5. Run the manual_migration_fix_90011.sql script against your Data Mart database.
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