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Database Cluster Configuration

Access to the Database Layer

Support for cluster level solutions like Oracle RAC or MSSQL Cluster requires configuration in configuration objects that access the database layer. Most of these configuration objects (except the regular one) provide an extension called JDBC URL that must be used in cluster solutions like Oracle RAC or MSSQL Cluster. Objects and their configurations are listed below:

  • The DAP in iWD Runtime Node that accesses the iWD Data Mart database (JDBC URL can be set up using:
    GAX -> Configuration/iWD Plugin -> Datamart -> chosen solution -> Database field "JDBC URL")
  • The DAP in iWD Runtime Node that accesses the Configuration Server database (JDBC URL can be configured manually by adding a jdbc section to the DAP options, with key url and a suitable value)

Configuration for Oracle Support

Oracle 12c and Oracle 12c RAC are both supported in release 9.0.x. Configurations with and without Single Client Access Name (SCAN) are supported.


There are different Oracle JDBC URLs depending on whether your configuration has SCAN enabled or disabled.

SCAN enabled

The Oracle JDBC URL for the Data Mart DAP is:


SCAN disabled

The Oracle JDBC URL for the Data Mart DAP is:



  • If RAC failover is forced when iWD Data Mart jobs are running, iWD Data Mart jobs will finish with an error. The next execution of iWD Data Mart jobs finish correctly without errors.
  • The database initialization process for the iWD Data Mart database does not support failover. Initial configuration should be carried out made in a stable environment. If an error occurs during initialization the database must be dropped and created again from scratch.
  • In this initial release of Oracle support, only one SCAN is supported, though there might be up to three in a given environment.
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