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Roles and Privileges

iWD 9.0 uses Genesys Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). For details of how to use this feature please see:

Role privileges cannot be seen in GA, only in GAX. GAX iWD Plug-in privileges are imported when GAX is used to import the GAX iWD Plug-in installation package.

GAX iWD Plug-in Privileges

  • iWD Read Solution—Read privilege for iWD Solution.
  • iWD Modify Solution—Modify privilege for iWD Solution.
  • iWD Create Solution—Create privilege for iWD Solution.
  • iWD Delete Solution—Delete privilege for iWD Solution.
  • iWD Read Department—Read privilege for iWD Department.
  • iWD Modify Department—Modify privilege for iWD Department.
  • iWD Create Department—Create privilege for iWD Department.
  • iWD Delete Department—Delete privilege for iWD Department.
  • iWD Read Process—Read privilege for iWD Process.
  • iWD Modify Process—Modify privilege for iWD Process.
  • iWD Create Process—Create privilege for iWD Process.
  • iWD Delete Process—Delete privilege for iWD Process.
  • iWD Read Tenant—Read privilege for Tenant.
  • iWD Read Capture Point—Read privilege for Capture Point.

RBAC-related Privileges

In order to apply full Role-Based Access Control to the iWD GAX Plug-in on the GAX dashboard, use the following roles in iWD GAX Plug-in's template:

  • IWD_READ_LOOKUP_TABLES—Read privilege for lookup tables
  • IWD_MODIFY_LOOKUP_TABLES—Modify privilege for lookup tables
  • IWD_CREATE_LOOKUP_TABLES—Create privilege for lookup tables
  • IWD_DELETE_LOOKUP_TABLES—Delete privilege for lookup tables
  • IWD_READ_DATAMART—Read privilege for Data Mart
  • IWD_MODIFY_DATAMART—Modify privilege for Data Mart
  • IWD_MONITOR_DATAMART—Monitor privilege for Data Mart
  • IWD_MANAGE_DATAMART—Manage privilege for Data Mart

Users without the relevant permissions will not be able to view the iWD tile on the GAX dashboard.

iWD Manager Privileges

  • View Solutions—Viewing privilege for iWD Solutions
  • Configure Ixn Custom Properties—Privilege to configure Interaction Custom Properties needed by iWD
  • View Tasks for Departments—Viewing Tasks privilege for iWD Departments
  • View Tasks for Processes—Viewing Tasks privilege for iWD Processes
  • Modify Media Icons—Modification privilege for iWD Media Icons
  • Create Media Icons—Creation privilege for iWD Media Icons
  • Delete Media Icons—Deletion privilege for iWD Media Icons
  • View Media Icons—Viewing privilege for iWD Media Icons
  • Modify Filters—Modification privilege for iWD GTL Filters
  • Create Filters—Creation privilege for iWD GTL Filters
  • Delete Filters—Deletion privilege for iWD GTL Filters
  • View Filters—View privilege for iWD GTL Filters. Required for displaying "'Filters'" tab in the left menu.
  • View Global Task List—Viewing Global Task List page privilege
  • Export Tasks—Exporting tasks privilege
  • Cancel Tasks—Canceling tasks privilege
  • Hold/Resume Tasks—Putting on hold or resuming tasks privilege
  • Modify Tasks—Modification of tasks privilege
  • View Tasks by Capture Point—Viewing tasks by capture point privilege
  • View All Tasks—Viewing all tasks in solution privilege
  • Open Rules Authoring—Privilege to open Rules Authoring link
  • Open iWD Web—Privilege to open iWD Web link
  • Import Configuration—Privilege to import configuration from an XML file
  • Export Configuration—Privilege to export configuration to an XML file

Important Information About Filtering Permissions

The following additional information is also important to note when you are filtering permissions:

  • Create/Modify/Delete Filters privileges are pointless without the View Filters permission because it is required to show the "'Filters"' tab.
  • Public filters can be changed from Private by any user that has Modify Filter permissions.
  • The owner of a Private filter can always modify or delete that filter, even if they do not have Delete and/or Modify security role permissions.
  • The username of the owner of any filter is displayed on the Filter configuration screen to make referencing easy.

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