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Automatic Upload of XLS/CSV Files

The upload engine uses default folder names for the iWD Web capture point:

  • Inbound
  • Error
  • Processed
  • Partially Processed

All of these can be renamed in the Application Options tab of the iWD Web capture point configuration object, if needed.

Process Overview

  1. The source system must be configured to put new files in the Inbound folder. The application does not support modification of files in the Inbound folder. If you need to make any changes to an input file, delete it from the folder, edit it, then put it back.
  2. The uploader automatically picks up new files once their presence is detected. The files are processed then moved to the relevant folder (Processed / Partially Processed / Error).
    • If all tasks from the file were successfully submitted to Interaction Server, the file is moved to the Processed folder.
    • If parsing of the file fails (because of malformed input) or if Interaction Server rejects all tasks from the file, it is placed in the Error folder.
    • If a subset of tasks fails, the file is placed in the Partially Processed folder and extended with a Submit Status column containing error messages or submission IDs for failed/successful tasks. To resubmit these tasks, open the file and make edits, then replace it in the Inbound folder to await the next file pickup.
  3. In addition to moving files, the uploader also lists automated upload task statuses on the Jobs Lists tab in iWD Web, in the same way as for manual uploads.
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