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Defining Custom Mapping for iWD Web Capture Point

To use custom column names or date formats and/or define default values for missing columns in your input files, do the following:

  1. Navigate to GAX > Application > iWD Web Capture Point name (iwd web or iwd web capture point) > Application Options.
  2. Edit the [mapping] section as follows:
    Each attribute may have up to three rows in the configuration table—All attributes are optional.
    • ATTRIBUTE_NAME.name—The column name in your input file. Must be defined if you want to create a default ATTRIBUTE_NAME.value or ATTRIBUTE_NAME.df.
    • ATTRIBUTE_NAME.value—The default value for the corresponding attribute if it is not present in the input file. Note that default values will be applied to all rows of all input documents regardless of whether they have the corresponding column. That is, if you define a default value—say, customer_segment.value = "My Segment", every incoming task without customer_segment will be assigned this value as default.
    • ATTRIBUTE_NAME.df—Only applicable to DateTime fields. Allows the definition of a custom date format for input files. Such syntax is defined in the Oracle documentation in section "Date and Time Patterns". Also see "Examples" on the same page.
    • ATTRIBUTE_NAME—The corresponding Business Attributes/Interaction Custom Properties name (not to be confused with the Interaction Custom Properties display name). Please see Working with Task Attributes and Interaction Properties.
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