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IWD Troubleshooting

Support for RHEL 64-bit Platforms

Installers support installation of Red Hat Linux 64-bit platforms only when RHEL standard compatibility packs for 32-bit platforms have been installed. These packages have generic names like:

  • compat-glibc*
  • compat-libstdc++*
  • libstdc++* '

You might also need to ensure that the JAVA_HOME variable points to the correct JDK.

Blocked Lookup Tables

When a configuration transaction object already exists with its alias attribute set to Iwd_Lookup_Tables_List, it is not possible to create a new Lookup Table due to a constraint violation of the uniqueness of the alias attribute value. An error message is displayed to inform users about this violation.

If this type of error arises, before checking privileges, do the following:

  1. Check whether any object with a different on-screen name and the alias Iwd_Lookup_Tables_List already exists.
  2. If so, back it up then remove and recreate the entire whole Lookup Table from scratch via the GAX interface.

Error when Creating or Updating a Big Lookup Table

Lookup tables have a limit of 1000 entries each. This constraint was implemented to avoid connection timeouts between GAX and Configuration Server. It is still possible that this problem might occur in a customer environment when the connection has very low quality. The workaround for this problem is to edit the Application options of the GAX application and increase the value of the confserv_timeout property in the [General] section. If the confserv_timeout option is not present, a default value of 30 seconds is applied.

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