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Section: oauth

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OAuth User Authentication for iWD Manager using GWS Auth Service

This functionality requires GWS Authentication Service 9.0.

You can set up iWD Manager to use the OAuth 2.0 protocol for user authorization. OAuth, short for "open authorization," is an open standard protocol that allows secure API authorization without requiring the user to provide their credentials to a third party. You can read more about OAuth here.

When OAuth is enabled, users can log in to iWD manager with accounts from Genesys Web Services (GWS).

To enable the OAuth 2.0 authentication mechanism in iWD manager:

  1. Set the enabled option to true in the [oauth] section.
  2. Configure the OAuth authentication settings such as an Authorization Service Base URI, Client ID, and Client Secret, Redirect URI in the oauth section.
  3. Enable the token-based authentication as described in Secure Communication with Configuration Server.
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