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Configuring iWD Web Services

[section]/option Default Description/Notes
[security]/Configuration Server TLS Connections
security.basic.enabled false
skip-lines 0 The number of lines to skip in an incoming file before header lookup. Used to customize iWD Web import behavior.
enable-custom-column-support false If true, allows upload of files with arbitrary columns. This means that if a mapping for a column is not found, the column's values are stored in custom attributes. Used to customize iWD Web import behavior.
server.contextPath /iwd_web Context path of the application. Value should always start with "/". Application will be available at http(s)://<host>:<port>/<contextPath>.
strict-transport-security false Enables HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS).
iwdweb.logging.dir /GCTI/iWD Logging files directory location.


  • Command line—--iwdweb.logging.dir=/var/logs/
  • System—java -Diwdweb.logging.dir=/var/logs/ ...
  • Environment—export IWDWEB_LOGGING_DIR=/var/logs/ or export IWDWEB_LOG_DIR=/var/logs/. Property sources are examined. Moreover, directory must have write permission enabled for used which runs iwdweb application.
  • On Windows:
    • Command line—add --iwdweb.logging.dir= "C:/Program Files/GCTI/iWD Web/logs/" to the JavaServerStarter.exe command. Please note: use "/" instead of "\". Example— "C:\PROGRA~1\GCTI\IWDWEB~1\IWDWEB~1.04_\ JavaServerStarter.exe" -host xx-yyy-zzzzzz -port 2020 -app "iWD" --iwdweb.logging.dir= "C:/Program Files/GCTI/iWD Web/iWD" You may also use "\" but please remember to not escape last ". Example—"C:\PROGRA~1\GCTI\IWDWEB~1\IWDWEB~1.04_ \JavaServerStarter.exe" -host xx-yyy-zzzzzz -port 2020 -app "iWD" --iwdweb.logging.dir= "C:\Program Files\GCTI\iWD Web\iWD\logs\\"
    • System—In JavaServerStarter.ini in [JavaArgs] section add -Diwdweb.logging.dir=C:\Program Files\GCTI\iWD Web\logs\
    • Environment—Add IWDWEB_LOGGING_DIR or IWDWEB_LOG_DIR system variable
iwdweb.url.gax none Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) URL
iwdweb.url.gtl none intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD) tasks list URL localhost Configuration Server host
iwdweb.config_server.port 2020 Configuration Server port
iwdweb.config_server.application iWDWeb Server application name in Configuration Server. Must be of type Genesys Generic Server.
iwdweb.config_server.client_app_name iWDWebApp Client application name for user connections. Can be configured in Configuration Server in server application (the one named by the iwdweb.config_server.application property) options under the [boot] section.
iwdweb.config_server.protocolTimeout 30000 Configuration Server connection timeout

(in milliseconds)

server.sessionTimeout 3600 Server session timeout (in seconds)
[boot]/Redis localhost Redis server host
spring.redis.port 6379 Redis server port
[boot]/Tasks Repository
iwdweb.repository.redis true Use Redis as back-end repository. The Redis back-end

repository allows to make job lists permanent and
survive iWD Web restart.

iwdweb.repository.inmemory true Use In Memory back-end repository. In scenarios

where there are issues with connection to Redis server,
used as fallback when this option is enabled. When
In Memory back-end repository is used, the job history
is cleaned after iWD Web restart.

multipart.maxFileSize 1MB Upload maximum size allowed for uploaded files. Values

can use the suffixed "MB" or "KB" to indicate a Megabyte
or Kilobyte size

multipart.maxRequestSize 1MB Upload maximum size allowed for multipart/form-data

requests. Values can use the suffixed "MB" or "KB" to
indicate a Megabyte or Kilobyte size.

multipart.fileSizeThreshold -1 The size threshold after which upload files will be

written to disk. Values can use the suffixed "MB" or
"KB" to indicate a Megabyte or Kilobyte size.

[boot]/CSV Properties
iwdweb.csv.columnSeparator ; CSV file format column separator
iwdweb.csv.lineSeparator \r\n CSV file format line separator
iwdweb.csv.quoteChar " CSV file format quotation character
[boot]/CSV Date & TIme Properties
iwdweb.datetime.format yyyy-MM-dd Date and time attributes format
iwdweb.audit.queueCapacity 10000 Audit's data queue capacity
[boot]/Tasks Scheduler
iwdweb.scheduler.poolSize 10 Sets the core number of threads in pool
[boot]/Async Tasks Executor
iwdweb.async.corePoolSize 2 Sets the core number of threads in pool
iwdweb.async.maxPoolSize 5 Sets the maximum allowed number of threads
iwdweb.async.queueCapacity 1000 Sets the capacity for the tasks executor queue
[boot]/Async Submitter Tasks Executor
iwdweb.submitter.corePoolSize 20 WebService SOAP service endpoint task
submitter's core number of threads in pool
iwdweb.submitter.maxPoolSize 50 WebService SOAP service endpoint task
submitter's maximum allowed number of threads
iwdweb.submitter.queueCapacity 10000 WebService SOAP service endpoint task
submitter's tasks queue capacity
iwdweb.submitter.caps 1000 WebService SOAP service endpoint task
submitter's call attempts per seconds
[boot]/Active Profiles form-login
[boot]/Application Settings false
[boot]/Enable Jackson's pretty print
spring.jackson.serilization.indent_output true
iwdweb.i18n.enabled true
iwdweb.i18n.cachePeriod 60
iwdweb.i18n.location file:./i18n
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