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IWD and the Genesys Rules System

These topics describe how iWD interoperates with the Genesys Rules System.

The following documents will be helpful: Unless otherwise stated, all the procedures described in these topics require a fully installed iWD Manager and Genesys Rules System as a prerequisite.

IWD and GRS Overview

Genesys Rules System provides all the business rules functionality for the Genesys intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD) solution, a business application for dynamically prioritizing the distribution of work tasks to the people who are best suited to handle them.

For information about how to migrate your existing rule templates and rules, see the Genesys System Migration Guide.

Rule templates are created in the Genesys Rules Development Tool and the templates are published to the rules repository. Users then use the Genesys Rules Authoring Tool to create a rule package that incorporates one or more rule templates. The Rules Authoring Tool is also where users create new rule packages that incorporate rule templates, author rules inside the rule package based on the rule templates, validate the rules, and then deploy their rule package to the Genesys Rules Engine. iWD provides a Standard Rules Template for use with the Genesys Rules System, and the Genesys Rules Authoring Tool (GRAT) can be launched from iWD Manager without the need for separate user authentication.

Client applications such as the iWD business process (IWDBP) then make requests to the Genesys Rules Engine to have rules in the rule package evaluated at various decision points in a task's lifecycle.

The Genesys Rules System is not only used by Genesys iWD. It is also used by other Genesys solutions, including Genesys Conversation Manager. As such, there are some objects that must be properly configured for iWD, when working with the Genesys Rules System. These include:

  • Configuring the proper rule template type when creating a new template
  • Configuring the proper rule package type when creating a rule package
  • Proper use of rule phases.

These objects are described in more detail in these topics.

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