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Summary of installation steps

The following table outlines the task flow for installation of GRS 9.0 The procedures in this table provide instructions about installing GRS components on Microsoft Windows. For information about how to install on UNIX-based operating systems, refer to Installing Genesys Rules System on UNIX Platforms.


Related Procedures and Actions

1. Prepare for installation and review prerequisites.

2. Create the database for the Rules Repository.

3. Install the Genesys Rules Engine

4. Install the Genesys Rules Authoring Tool

5. Deploy the .war files.

Deploy the genesys-rules-authoring.war and genesys-rules-engine.war files to your application server.

6. Define your business structure

See Defining the Business Structure.

7. Test the installation

Testing the Installation

8. Review the Troubleshooting section for configuration tips and considerations

See Troubleshooting.

9. Redeploy any standard rule packages that have been previously deployed only to 8.1.2 (or earlier) Genesys Rules Engines. This step is not necessary for standard rule packages that have been deployed to 8.1.3 or later Genesys Rules Engines.

In release 8.1.3, the rules engine was updated from Drools 5.1 to 5.5. The rules engine (up to and including release 8.1.2) writes serialized objects to file. These serialized objects are no longer loadable due to the Drools upgrade. To avoid future upgrade issues, rules engines later than 8.1.3 will maintain the rules package in its DRL form.

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