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Migration to 9.0

From 8.5.3 to 9.0

  1. Undeploy the 8.5.3 .war file from your application server.
    Do not just copy the 9.0.war file over the 8.5.3 .war file in your application server directory. Genesys recommends undeploying the previous file first and letting the application server clean up its files, then deploying the new .war file.
  2. Ensure you are running the latest supported Tomcat 8.5 application server (Note: Tomcat 9 is not yet supported).
  3. Ensure your application server uses the latest Oracle Java 8 or Open JDK 8.
  4. Adjust or add any of the new configuration options.
  5. Deploy the 9.0.war file to your application server.
  6. Log into 9.0 Genesys Rules Authoring Server.
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