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Genesys Rules Authoring Tool Help

The Genesys Rules Authoring Tool (GRAT) is a browser-based application that enables you to create and edit business rules, and, in release 9.0, develop the templates that rules are based on. (These were formerly developed in Genesys Rules Development Tool, a separate Eclipse-based component.)

Business rule template developers use this tool to create the underlying templates on which rules and rule packages are built. Rule templates can also be developed externally and imported directly into GRAT.

Business rule authors use this tool to create, edit, or delete rules, and deploy them to either production or lab systems.

All the functionality described here is available only to users who have the relevant permissions configured using role-based access control (RBAC). Consult your system administrators if you do not have the permissions you need.

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New in GRAT release 9.0

  • The functionality of both Genesys Rules Authoring Tool and the previous Genesys Rules Development Tool are combined into a single component—GRAT. You can still use 8.1 GRDT to develop templates and import them into the new GRAT component, but 8.1 GRDT no longer ships with the new GRAT.
  • UI branding elements are brought into line with other Genesys software.
  • A new configuration option—Disable Package Serialization—appears on the General tab of a rule package. When this option is enabled (value is set to false (default)), low-use rule packages are serialized out and can then be re-loaded quickly on demand.
  • Undo/re-do buttons have been added to the user interface to assist in editing rules, calendars and test scenarios.
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) features are extended to the Rules Development functionality in GRAT that was formerly in GRDT.
  • Known Limitation—Some functionality related to complex event processing and parameter mapping is not implemented in the intial 9.0 release. The result of this is that there is no provision for creating or editing templates that support rule testing scenarios and split testing. However, you can still import such templates that have been created in 8.1 GRDT and base rules and packages on them, but you can't edit or create the templates in the initial release.
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