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Audit Trail

The Audit Trail tab allows you to view the history of the individual rules, such as when they were updated or deployed, and by whom.

The Audit Trail tab lists the rules that exist for the selected rule package, or for the selected business context (node), depending on where you access the Audit Trail. The Audit Trail tab shows the history of the currently selected rule.

You can select the Rule ID/Name drop-down to select another rule. For each rule you can view the history of the rule, including different versions that have been saved, and the configured actions, conditions, parameters and comments.

If a particular revision of a rule was saved as part of a snapshot, the snapshot name appears in the Last Snapshot Name column. This enables you to determine the content of the rule when the snapshot was taken. You can filter the list of rule versions by Last Snapshot Name, Action (Created, Modified, and so on), and by the user name of the person who made the changes (Taken By). You can sort the list by clicking a column name, displaying the results in ascending or descending order by the selected column.

You can export the history of the rule into a file (spreadsheet format). Select the rule from the list, and click Export Rule History. You can choose to open the file that is created, or save it.

You can revert back to a previous version of a specific rule: select the version to which you would like to revert, and click Revert. The revert operation will create a new version of the rule containing the same contents as the older version that you selected. The original versions and audit history will be preserved. Revert may also be used to restore a previously deleted rule.  To do this, select the Rule ID/Name from the drop down and then revert the deleted version.

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