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Enumerations Editor

The Enumerations (Enums) Editor allows you to create and edit enumerations. An enumeration is a data type that consists of a set of named values that represent constants. Enumerations are useful for parameters that have a small number of possible values. For example, an enumeration of CustomerValue might be gold, silver, or bronze.

Each enumeration contains the same fields:

  • Name—A name for the enumeration.
  • Description—A brief description of the enumeration.
  • Values—A list of possible values. Click Add, Edit, and Remove to update the list.

The value provided for the Name property corresponds to the value of the Fact property that must be provided in the Rules Engine as part of a rules evaluation request. The Name is case-sensitive.

The value provided for the Label property corresponds to what the rule author will see when they use a rule condition or action that includes a parameter of type Input Value, with an enumerated list of values.

For example, an enumerated list called CustomerSegment could be defined as follows:

Name Label
101 Bronze
102 Silver
103 Gold

In this example the Name consists of digits only, so case-sensitivity is not an issue. For example, if the Name properties were bronze, silver, and gold then you must ensure that you enter in the exact value Bronze as the Fact property in order for the rule to be evaluated as expected. If you enter in bronze, the rule will not return the result you are expecting.

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