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Deleting Rules Packages

When a package is deleted, all references to it in Package History are also deleted.

Follow these steps to delete an existing rule package:

  1. Select the node to which the rule package belongs from the drop-down list.
  2. In the Explorer Tree, select the name of the rule package.
  3. In the Details Panel, click Delete. A confirmation dialog  box will appear.
  4. Click OK to confirm the deletion of the rule package, and its associated rules and business calendars.
If you attempt to delete a rule package that is still deployed, you are warned before committing the delete action. This gives you the opportunity to undeploy the rule package. Once the rule package is deleted from GRAT, you can no longer use the Undeploy feature to undeploy it. In that scenario, you would have to manually remove the files from all GREs.
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