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Rule Testing Overview

Certain features on which testing scenarios depends were not implemented in the initial release of GRAT (see the Release Note). This functionality is implemented in release

Before deploying a rules package to the Genesys Rules Engine, subject to having the relevant permissions in Genesys Administrator, you can :

  • Create, modify and run one or more test scenarios for each rule package
  • Add input data, business context and phase data and expected results
  • Review the test outcomes in plain language
  • Import and export the test scenarios in the same way as with rules packages

These test features allow rules authors to test any changes made to existing rules packages before deploying them, in order to ensure that no errors are introduced.

The rule testing functionality is available via a node in the navigation tree called Test Scenarios. Click this node to use the rule testing features.

Split Test functionality that allows you to test alternative business rule outcomes is available via a node in the navigation tree called Split Test Configuration.

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