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Exporting Rules Packages

You can export an entire rule package containing the rule definitions, business calendars, and references to the templates and versions that the rule package is dependent on, to an .XML file.

It is not necessary to export the rule templates if you are exporting to the same system (for example, backing up or restoring a rule package) or to an equivalent system (for example, a lab versus a production environment). However, if you are moving the rule package to a new system or sending it to Genesys for service, you should export both the rule templates and the rule packages so that, when imported, all referenced templates are available in the target system.

The last-modified-by date and all rule audit history are not part of the rule package (or rule) export.  Package and rule history are not maintained.

Refer to Exporting Rule Templates for details on how to export rule templates.

Exporting rule packages enables you to do the following:

  • Copy an entire rules configuration from a test environment to a production environment.
  • Perform a backup of the entire rules configuration before performing a Genesys Rules System upgrade.
In order to export a rule package, you need to have View Rule and View Business Calendar permissions.

To export a rule package:

  1. Select the Tenant to which the rule package belongs from the drop-down list.
  2. In the left navigation, select the correct node (the level at which the rule package was defined).
  3. Click Export Rule Package. The selected rule package is exported to a single .xml file.
This .xml file contains overall package information (name, type, description, and list of templates and versions), a list of rules (decision tables and linear rules), and a list of business calendars and calendar rules associated with the rule package. This .xml file does not contain the template contents, but does contain a reference to the template names and versions used.
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