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Fact Model Editor

Use the Fact Model Editor to create and edit Fact Models for the template. The Fact Model Editor is arranged as a standard master/details view. The master component displays defined facts and child properties for each fact.

In the initial release of GRAT 9.0, there is no support for Events in the Fact Model.


To create a new fact, click in the Facts pane of the Fact Model Editor. Each fact that is created in the editor contains the following fields:

  • Name—A name for the fact. Important note: Fact names must be written in English characters only. No other character set is supported.
  • Description—A brief description of the fact.
  • Sensitive—Determines whether the fact is logged when the Rules Engine evaluates facts. If this field is selected, the fact is not logged. If this field is cleared, the fact is logged.
  • Properties—A list of properties values. Click Add, Edit, and Remove to update the list. Clicking Add or Edit opens a dialog box. This dialog box contains the following fields:
    • Name—A name for the property.
    • Type—The type of property. The property types are presented in a drop-down list. Each property type has an icon to indicate the type. This icon is displayed in the properties list beside the property name.
    • Description—A description of the property.
    • Sensitive—Determines whether the fact property is logged when the Rules Engine evaluates the fact. If selected, the fact property is not logged. If cleared, the fact property is logged.
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