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Importing and exporting templates

Import a template project

Use this panel to import previously exported templates—for example, sample templates or templates exported from another system.

  1. Select the Templates node in the left-hand navigation tree.
  2. Select the Import Templates button.
  3. Select the Choose file button, browse to your file system, and select the template project to import.
  4. Clicking Replace existing templates in repository clears the repository of any previous versions of each template before the new ones are imported into the target system. If this option is not enabled and an existing template with the same name is found in the repository, an error message appears and the import is terminated.
  5. Click Finish.
Be careful when changing templates or template versions as it could affect existing rules. For example, an existing rule might use a condition that does not exist in a different version of the template. Consult with the rule template developer to ensure that you are choosing the correct templates and versions for your application.

Export a template project

  1. Select the Templates node in the left-hand navigation.
  2. Select the template project(s) that you want to export.
  3. Name the export file and location to which the template project will be exported.
  4. Click Finish to complete the export.
It is up to the rule template developer to ensure that the templates that they develop do not have issues with name collision. For example, function names, Java method signatures, and facts should have different names even if they are in different templates, because a rule author can create rules based on multiple templates. Names should not be duplicated and it must be communicated to the rules author which templates/versions to use, and in which combination.
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