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Exporting Decision Tables

You can export decision tables in GRAT. For example, you might want to export your rules to back them up or move them to another server, and then import them back in. You can also export the file as a spreadsheet (.xls) format. This can be useful if you want a decision table with hundreds of rows, where it might be easier to work in Excel, replicating rows and making minor changes, and then import it back into the Rules Authoring Tool, rather than creating hundreds of rows in the tool.

You can export an entire rule package containing the rule definitions, business calendars, and references to the templates and versions on which the rule package is dependent. Refer to Exporting Rule Packages for details.

To export a decision table:

  1. Navigate to the rule package to which the decision table belongs in the left navigation(verify that you have selected the correct Tenant from the Tenant drop-down list). Select the correct node (at which the rule was defined) and click the Rules tab.
  2. Tip
    You can also use the Search feature to locate rules.
  3. Locate the decision table in the list and click Export Rule. There are two options for exporting decision tables: .xml or .xls. Select the format you prefer.
  4. You can either Open or Save the exported rule file.
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