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Copying Decision Tables

You can copy a decision table and paste that copy in the same rule package, either on the same or a different node. Follow these steps to copy a decision table:

  1. Navigate to the rule package to which the decision table belongs in the left navigation (verify that you have selected the correct Tenant from the Tenant drop-down list). Select the correct node (at which the rule was defined) and click the Rules tab.
  2. Tip
    You can also use the Search feature to locate rules.
  3. Locate the decision table in the list, select it, and select Copy Rule from the More menu.
  4. If you want the copy to be in the same node, click Paste Rule.
  5. If you want the copy to be in a different node, select that node in the tree click the Rules tab, and click Paste Rule.
  6. Important
    If you wish to move the rule to another location, first copy, then paste, then go back and delete the original. The system will not allow you to paste a rule after it has been deleted from the repository.
  7. Update the information as needed and click Save. Refer to Creating Decision Tables for details about the fields that can be updated.

When editing rules, be careful not to clear your browsing history or cookie data, as unsaved changes could be lost.

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