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Genesys Rules System (GRS) provides the ability to develop, author, and evaluate business rules. A business rule is a piece of logic defined by a business analyst. These rules are evaluated in a Rules Engine based on requests received from client applications.

GRS consists of two components in release 9.0:

  • Genesys Rules Authoring Tool (GRAT) is a browser-based application that:
    • Allows advanced users (business rules developers) to develop templates that define the discrete rule conditions and actions that will comprise the rules. Each rule condition and action includes the plain-language label that the business rules author will see, as well as the rule language mapping that defines how the underlying data will be retrieved or updated. For each rule condition and action, the template developer decides what kind of data the rules author will be providing. Some examples include whether the input should be an integer value, a non-integer numeric value, a string, a selection from a pre-defined list, or a selection from a dynamic list.
    • Allows business analysts to create, edit and deploy business rule packages based on the templates. Rule packages provide:
      • The ability to partition rules and facts so that they are small, well-defined, and apply only to a particular application or use. This makes them easier to debug and understand.
      • The ability to isolate rule packages from one another when executing rules. This also improves performance because the Rules Engine has fewer candidates to examine during the evaluation.
      • The ability to update individual rule packages without affecting other deployed packages.
      • The ability to import and export an entire rule package containing the rule definitions, business calendars, and also the templates that the rule package is dependent on.
        A rule package contains one or more rules plus the fact model that is needed to support the rules.
  • Genesys Rules Engine (GRE) evaluates the rule packages (groups of rules). Rule packages are deployed to the Rules Engine by the Rules Authoring Tool. When a rule package has been deployed, Genesys applications will be able to request the Rules Engine to evaluate the logic that is defined in this rule package.

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