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Role Task Permissions

When GRAT has been deployed by using Genesys Administrator, role task permissions can be configured in Genesys Administrator.

A new Role object can be created under Provisioning > Accounts > Roles. On the Role Privileges tab there is a check box to add the privileges that are associated with the Genesys Rule Authoring Generic Server.

You can grant users a specific set of permissions by adding them as members of a role—either individually or as part of an access group. There are six groups of privileges:

  • Rule Authoring—Create, Delete, Modify, and View
  • Rule Packages—Create, Modify, Delete, Deploy and View
  • Rule Templates—Create, Modify, and Delete
  • Test Scenarios—Create, Modify, View, Delete and Execute
  • Business Calendars—Create, Delete, Modify, and View
  • Snapshots—Create, Delete, and View
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