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Creating the GRE Application Object in Configuration Manager

Procedure Summary

  1. Import the GRE application template into Configuration Manager.
  2. Configure the Rules Engine application.


To create the application object for GRE in Configuration Manager, do the following:

Import the GRE application template into Configuration Manager

  1. In Configuration Manager, navigate to the Application Templates folder.
  2. Right-click the Application Templates folder, and select Import Application Template.
  3. Browse to the templates folder of the installation CD, and select the appropriate template for your version of Management Framework.
    • For Management Framework 8.1.1, select Genesys_Rules_Engine.apd..
    • For Management Framework 8.1 and earlier, select Genesys_Rules_Engine_Generic_Server.apd..
  4. Click OK to save the template.

Configure the Rules Engine application

  1. Right-click the Applications folder and select New > Application.
  2. Select the template that you imported in the previous procedure.
  3. On the General tab, enter a name for the application, such as Rules_Engine.
  4. On the Tenants tab, add the Tenants that will be available to the Rules Engine.
  5. On the Server Info tab, select the Host on which the application will be installed.
  6. Add a default listening port.
  7. Add an additional port. This port is the connector port on which the Rules Engine Servlet receives requests:
    • The ID value is the name of the Rules Engine web application. The default name of this application is genesys-rules-engine.
    • The Listening Port is the connector port of the Servlet Container. For example, on Tomcat the default listening port is 8080.
    • The Connection Protocol must be http.
  8. On the Start Info tab, enter x for each field. These fields are not used, but you must enter some text there in order to save the configuration.
  9. On the Options tab, configure options in the [log] section and the [settings] sections.
  10. Save your changes.
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