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iWD Manager Help

Main menu


iWD Manager lets you monitor and manage tasks in the iWD Global Task List (GTL), and do some administration tasks.

Static items

The User Settings item always appears. This lets you manage your account settings for iWD Manager, such as time zone and date/time format.

Dynamic items

The display of other items depends on the privileges assigned to the user for any given Tenant:

  • Global Task List—Monitor and manage tasks while they are being processed by iWD.
  • Filters—Manage and create filters for controlling the content of the GTL display.
  • Media Icons—Import, export and configure media icons that are used for visual identification of media types.

Environment-specific items

Where iWD Web or Genesys Rules System are configured for your environment, you might also see links to iWD Web and Genesys Rules Authoring Tool (GRAT).

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