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Working with QL queries

Saving QL queries

You can save frequently used QL queries for later use. To save a newly executed query:

  1. Type a valid QL query in the input field and click the Save button.
  2. In the Create custom filter query dialog box that displays, enter a name for the query:
  3. Optionally, check the Public checkbox to make the filter public.
  4. Click Create.
  • The query text cannot be changed in the dialog box. Only the name and Public status can be changed.
  • You can apply either Visual Filters or saved Query Filters at one time, but not both.

Form fields

Field name Description
Custom filter name The filter name is case sensitive and unique per tenant.
Query text Uneditable text taken from search input.
Public When checked, the query filter is shared with other users in the same tenant.

Accessing saved query filters

You can access the saved filter from the filter selector:


Editing QL queries

A saved query can be edited later.

To edit the filter's query text:

  1. Display the query filter you want to change.
  2. Click in the search query field at the top of the screen, make your edits, then click the Save button.
    This displays the Modify customer filter query dialog showing your change:
  3. You can optionally choose to edit the name or public status of the filter in the dialog box that displays.
  4. Save the changes in the current filter or save them as a new query filter.

To edit only the name and publicity status of a filter:

  1. Select the query filter you want to change and click its pen icon.
    This displays the Modify customer filter query dialog:
  2. Make your required changes and save them in the current filter or save them as a new query filter.

Deleting QL queries

To delete a query filter:

  1. Display it in the filter selector.
  2. Click its trashcan button.


For a user's own private query filters, no privileges are required for View/Create/Modify/Delete actions.

Public filters

Action available when granted Create Modify Delete
Create Required
Modify Required
Delete Required
Change to private type Required
Change to public type Required * Required *

(*) To change a private query filter to public, either "Create Filters" or "Modify Filters" privileges or both is required.

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