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Media Icons

The Media Icons view


The Media Icons view lets you map graphical icons to media types for display in the GTL. iWD comes with some pre-loaded icons, but you can import additional icons and map them to existing media types, or new media types. You can also export the icon set to an XML file.

Basic data

  • Media Type— The media type to which the icon will be mapped. This list of media types is retrieved dynamically from Genesys Configuration Server. Media types are a type of Business Attribute in Configuration Server. Genesys provides out-of-the-box media types but new custom media types can be added.
  • Icon—The graphical 16x16 icon that will be displayed in the GTL when a task is of the media type to which the icon is mapped.
  • Type—The icon's file type. Icons should be 16x16, but can be in any of the following file formats:
    • GIF
    • JPG
    • BMP
    • PNG
    • X-PNG
Larger icons can be used, but any resizing of the browser window might result in the icon displaying incorrectly.

Click the mapping in the table to change the icon associated with the media type.
Click the media type to add a new mapping.


Use the toolbar commands to do the following:

  • Remove—Remove a selected icon.
  • Save—Save changes.
  • Refresh—Refresh the display.
  • Icon set—Add new icons from a local file system.
  • Import—Allows you to import the iWD Media Icons configuration from an XML file. Click Import, select a file on your local drive, select it and and click Open.
  • Export—Export the iWD Media Icons configuration to a local XML file.

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