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Section: CalendarService
Default Value: false
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately
Dependencies: None
Discontinued: In

Specifies an optional way to handle a bonus assignment that does not have a specified end date as a balance adjustment, which is incorporated into hours that are carried over during the next carry over interval.

When set to true, all assigned bonus time that does not have a specified end date is carried over to the next configured carry-over date. The final number of carried-over hours remains subject to maximum carry-over hours constraint.

The bonus expires after the carry-over date. Used hours are updated as they were before.

Workforce Management Server Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
04/28/15 Hot Fix X

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What's New

This release includes only resolved issues.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Now, when WFM Server has an enabled secure port, WFM Web saves modified schedules. This issue was originally fixed in WFM-23071. (WFM-23076)

WFM Server now supports schedule-change polling over WFM API with or without the acknowledgment. This issue was originally fixed in WFM-23053. (WFM-23075)

The WFM API function ApplyCalendarItemsAsync that is used to apply Calendar items to existing schedules no longer returns an error if the targeted agents had no schedules published within the specified date range. This issue was originally fixed in WFM-22868. (WFM-23034)

WFM Server now successfully retrieves the Schedule History in Schedule Intra-Day. This issue was originally fixed in WFM-22945. (WFM-23033)

WFM Web now correctly displays Activity Performance data for the Site even when there are more than a thousand Activities configured per Site. This issue was originally fixed in WFM-22843. (WFM-23032)

WFM Server's performance is improved when Schedule Scenarios with a large number of Agent Profiles are opened and scrolled. This issue was originally fixed in WFM-22851. (WFM-23031)

WFM Server performance is now improved when using an Oracle database, and agent data is loaded after an entire Business Unit is selected. This issue was originally fixed in WFM-22849. (WFM-23030)

WFM Server's performance is now improved when retrieving Multi-Site Activity (MSA) Performance statistics after a large number of MSAs are configured. This issue was originally fixed in WFM-22850. (WFM-23029)

Rotating Pattern Activities now display correctly in WFM Web. This issue was originally fixed in WFM-23003. (WFM-23028)

WFM Server now correctly excludes days in the Adherence Team Totals report when the Exclude days without shift option is checked and no agents in a team have a shift scheduled. Previously, days without shifts were incorrectly included in the report when the Exclude days without shift option was checked, even if they did not count towards the totals. (WFM-23027)

WFM Server's algorithm now considers the Time-Off Rule on the Time-Off request date for the attribute that specifies the request limitation from the hiring date. Previously, the algorithm used the Time-Off Rule on the hiring date to determine the limitation. (WFM-23019)

Now, if the WFM Server Application's [CalendarSection] AdjustCarryOverByBonus configuration option is set to false before upgrading to WFM 8.5.1, the unused balance of endless Time-Off bonuses is retained. Previously in this scenario, the unused balance was lost. (WFM-22977)

User and Agent objects that have empty first or last names can now be imported into the WFM database. Previously, attempts to import these objects failed, generating a database error. (WFM-22950)

WFM Server now correctly calculates used Time-Off bonuses when different Time-Off types are requested on the same date, and bonuses are assigned to all associated Time-Off types. Previously, used Time-Off bonuses were incorrectly assigned to one Time-Off type, based on the request date only. (WFM-22946)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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